Church Recording

Church Recording for The Arts Society Malmesbury involves making a record of the contents of a church - windows, memorials, woodwork, stonework, textiles etc. It is a very accurate, careful and well-researched record of the contents at that time, and is a record, rather than a historical study. The details of measurements, content, design, designer, date are taken, and then written up in a very precise format. The group only records what they see and do not make artistic or quality judgments.

Primarily, a bound copy of the record is for the church. Photocopies are given to the Diocesan Archives and the libraries of the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Council for the Care of Churches and The Arts Society. A set of photographs is also lodged with the Council for the Care of Churches.

Church Recording at All Saints Church in Crudwell

A couple of years ago we had a very successful group of volunteers acting as Recorders of our local church, All Saints in Crudwell. We achieved quite a large amount of recording within the guidelines set out by The Arts Society, but there are some areas left to finish. Very sadly, the Recording Group had to disband and we are now like to resume our activities here. We would welcome members of The Arts Society Malmesbury who would like to take up the mantle again and finish what we have started.  

We are now looking for an enthusiastic team of volunteers to come together to research and record almost every detail inside All Saints Church in Crudwell. It is hoped that the team will meet regularly and work in pairs to record different aspects of the church.

The main areas of interest are: memorials, metalwork, stonework, textiles, libraries, windows, woodwork and paintings.

The project, which is likely to take around two years, will provide a definitive written record of the building, bound copies of which will be distributed as mentioned in the above introduction.

It is great fun and a wonderful way to work as a group and make friends.  There need to be around 10 people to make it easier and to ensure a lighter work load with an enthusiastic team leader!  So, if you love the decorative arts, architecture and history and some spare time on your hands, this could be just the thing for you!

For further information please contact us.