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14 July 2020Signs, Signals and Iconography: The Hidden Stories in Art

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Dreamtime to Machine Time - Aboriginal Art Rebecca Hossack Tuesday 11 June 2019

Rebecca covers the origins of the Aboriginal art from ancient ceremonial designs through to the beginnings of the modern Aboriginal art-movement at Papunya in the early 1970s, and its subsequent spread across the indigenous communities of the Western Desert. 

Rebecca Hossack is the Director of three internationally-renowned galleries - two in central London and one in New York. 

Now in its twenty-eighth year, the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery champions originality in contemporary Western and non-Western art. Celebrating and promoting inclusiveness and innovation, Rebecca is credited with introducing Aboriginal art to Europe, and has curated important collections from Papua New Guinea, tribal India and the Bushmen of the Kalahari. The Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery also advocates contemporary Western artists who resist the dominant trends of the modern art world, exploring how arts and crafts can collaborate by showcasing a diverse array of media. The gallery is renowned for discovering talent and starting trends in contemporary art.

Following a degree in Law and a BA majoring in the History of Art, Rebecca studied at Christie's and at The Guggenheim in Venice. She served as the Australian cultural attaché in London from 1993-7, initiating literary links between Australian and British writers, and organising a series of ground-breaking exhibitions of Australian art in London. She sits on the board of LAPADA and is a Trustee of Resurgence, the influential periodical of alternative thought.