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09 July 2020Visit Sezincote and Bourton House Booking Form
16 June 2020Broughton Castle and Broughton Grange Booking Form
20 April 2020Visit to Holland - Booking form and terms
20 April 2020Visit to Holland - Brochure
19 February 2020Special Interest Day Feb 2020 Booking Form
29 January 2020Visit Georgian Bristol Booking Form
14 January 2020Wallpaper Further Reading and Collections
10 December 2019Membership Subscription Form 2020
09 December 2019Standing Order Instruction Form 2020
28 November 2019True to Life SID Booking form
05 November 2019Membership Application Form
22 September 2019Autumn 2019 Bulletin
16 July 2019Information Leaflet 2019-2020
15 July 2019Visit Test Valley Gardens
12 June 2019Wilton House Visit Booking Form
09 May 2019The Wormsley Library Visit Booking Form
13 April 2019Walk Draw 2019
12 April 2019Membership renewal form 2019-2010
16 March 2019Spring Bulletin 2019
20 February 2019Special Interest Day: How to Look at Art – A Strategy for Interpretation
27 January 2019Waiting List Application Form 2019
23 January 2019Strawberry Hill Visit
08 November 2018Special Interest Day - Design for Wearing
31 October 2018Waiting List Application Form 2018
31 October 2018Standing Order form 2018
25 October 2018Tinge it with Romanticism - General Information
25 October 2018Tinge it with Romanticism - Application Form
26 September 2018Alchemy and Adventure: A History or Exotic Colours and Poisonous Plants
14 September 2018Autumn 2018 Bulletin
27 August 2018Bampton Classical Opera 2018
02 July 2018The Merry Wives of Windsor
26 June 2018Herfordshire Gardens Booking Form
08 June 2018Celebration Lunch
26 May 2018Herfordshire Gardens visit
21 April 2018Westminster Abbey visit booking form
09 March 2018Jane Austen and the Chawton Connection
14 February 2018The English Country House
31 July 2017Hop Skip and Jump Invitation
31 July 2017Hop Skip and Jump Application Form
15 July 2017William of Malmesbury lectures
24 June 2017Rigoletto Opera booking form
21 May 2017Young Arts Competition
17 May 2017Visit Mill Dene Garden & Batsford Arboretum
03 May 2017West Mercia NDFAS Study Day
03 May 2017West Mercia NDFAS Study Day - Booking form
25 April 2017Antiques Evening
18 April 2017Spring 2017 Bulletin
07 April 2017The Veneto - Overview
07 April 2017The Veneto - Detailed itinerary
28 March 2017Ashmolean Museum and Trinity College Oxford Booking form
28 March 2017Oxford travel booking form
15 February 2017Munich Dresden Study Day
15 February 2017Munich and Dresden Study Day Report
15 February 2017Munich Dresden Study Day Photos
01 February 2017MDFAS Winter 2017 Bulletin
08 November 2016Sticky stem ginger cake recipe
07 November 2016Heavenly Light at Gloucester Cathedral
07 November 2016Gloucester Cathedral Study Day
07 October 2016Gloucester Cathedral and Parking
01 October 2016Ceramic Enrichment Course 2016
15 September 2016Visit to Corsham Court
15 September 2016Corsham Court visit photographs
04 September 2016Shakespeare's 'The Tempest' at Lackham College, Laycock.
07 July 2016Visit to Tormarton Court
07 July 2016Visit Tormarton Court - Pictures
24 June 2016Summer picnic 2016
15 June 2016Visit to Elgar Birthplace Museum and Spetchley Gardens Application form
15 June 2016Visit to Elgar Museum and Spetchley Gardens Application form
14 June 2016Classicism to Chintz: English Country House Interiors
13 June 2016Capability Brown - The Eye Catcher
11 June 2016Stuart Singers concert in Malmesbury Abbey
30 April 2016MDFAS Membership Application Form
30 April 2016MDFAS Membership Standing Order Form
27 April 2016MDFAS Spring Bulletin
31 March 2016National Gallery & National Portrait Gallery
17 February 2016Special Interest Day - Colour and the Artist's Palette
02 February 2016MDFAS winter bulletin
17 June 2015Waterperry Gardens visit report
14 May 2015Madresfield Court and Royal Worcester factory
23 April 2015Rome Tour 2015
01 October 2014MDFAS Lecture programme 2014-2015
16 September 2014Cornwall visit report
01 July 2014Stoberry Gardens visit report
09 October 2013Barnsley House and Gardens visit report
01 October 2013MDFAS Lecture programme 2013-2014
12 June 2013Saville Gardens visit report
01 October 2012MDFAS Lecture programme 2012-2013
23 May 2012Minterne House and gardens visit report
01 November 2011MDFAS Lecture programme 2011-2012